The Other Manuel Blasdel

The Bad Me


Born: Cleveland, Ohio on May 26th, 1996

Mother And Father: Scott & Valerie Blasdel

Siblings: Isabela Blasdel, Tomas Blasdel, Evangelina Blasdel, Jorgie Blasdel

Schools Attended: Smith Elementary (Houston, Texas) {K-3}, Startown Elementary (Newton, North Carolina) {4-6}, Maiden Middle School (Maiden, North Carolina) {7}, Concordia Lutheran School (Conover, North Carolina) {8}, University Christian High School (Conover, North Carolina) {9}, Newton-Conover High School (Newton, North Carolina) {10-12}

College: Attended Western Carolina University Before Getting Expelled

Criminal Records: Misdemeanor, Manslaughter

Wild Boy Is My Theme Song Because I Party Too Hard!

Bad Boy Records

Machine Gun Kelly ft Waka Flocka - Wild Boy (Clean) by Bad Boy Records

All I Do Is Have Fun

I attended Western Carolina University for one reason only and that was to PARTY! I knew that WCU was a big party school and it was cheap and my parents were paying for it. I was a good basketball player in high school and got offered scholarships to go play basketball at good schools but I like to get drunk all the time. I'm the master at doing keg stands and shotgunning beers. Some of my friends think I do stupid things but I don't care I want to have a good time everyday!

In high school I threw parties on a regular basis, which means every Friday night after football games, basketball and anything else. I was known for throwing insane parties. If you went one of my parties you'll remember it forever. The biggest party I threw was for my 18th birthday. There were probably 150 people at my house. There was loads of alcohol everywhere. I got so wasted that to be honest I don't even remember my birthday party.

The point of high school is to have fun and do whatever you want! Don't let people tell you other wise!!!

Let the Beat Drop

The Bad News

I walked into Western Carolina University knowing that I was going to be partying every night! I didn't care if I had a test, project or whatever, partying was going to be my top priority. I made it through the first year of college with average grades (C's & B's). I was going to about 6 parties a week that entire school year. My sophomore year was when my life changed.

I was at one of my frat parties with my Pi Lambda Phi brothers. This was probably one of our best parties. There were women everywhere, loads and loads of alcohol and much more. The reason why this was a bad night was because our party was crashed by the city police. Me, my buddy Mike and Jerry were the only ones caught. We were arrested for a misdemeanor (Drinking under the age of 21 and the possession of alcohol).

I had to pay a $250.00 fine and spend 2 nights in jail. For my actions I was expelled from Western Carolina University. Me and my three friends that got caught were expelled. EXPELLED!!! I had no idea how to explain this to my parents. What would I do ? I didn't want to work and no other college/university would accept me due to my illegal actions. My life was heading down a long and scary road.

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Worst Of Them All

After getting expelled from Western, my parents pretty much disowned me as their son. They were so upset that I could not even live with them. I had no where to live, no place to go. I decided that I needed to work so I got a job at a grocery store called Walmart. I made around $8.25 an hour. This was not what I had planned to do with my life. I knew that I wanted to party so I tried to catch up with some old friends from high school that were a little younger than me. I then started to go to some of their parties.

On February 16th, 2016 I went to a local party in the city. I was hammered and very drunk. I decided that I was going to drive home (I had no idea what I was doing). As I was driving under the influence I did something that I will never be able to forgive myself from doing.

It was approximately 11:30 at night and one of the kids in my neighborhood that I was staying in (I was staying with one of my friends from high school) was outside playing basketball. As my drunk self was driving my car I ran the kid over and killed him instantly. I had no idea what had happened. His mother came out screaming and was crying extremely hard. Within 5 minutes the police showed up and was arrested with an account of manslaughter.

I spent 6 years in prison for what I did. Still to this day I feel terrible for what I did. I should have never drove under the influence. That kid deserves to be alive to this day, not dead. I took a kids a life for my stupid action.

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Days After

I was released from prison of the summer of 2022. I came out of prison a different person. The first thing I did was go to the family of the kid that i murdered. I apologized to the mother and father. I cried like a baby because I felt so terrible. I felt like I was the one that should have died not him. The kid was only 12 years old. He didn't deserve to die.

A soon as I left the families house I went to the cemetery to the kids grave. I sat there for hours and just prayed to God. I wanted him to know that I had made a mistake and I wanted to be a changed person. No more partying, no more drinking, I needed to make my life worth living.

Every Saturday since I was released, I go to Nick's grave. I just sit there and talk to him and pray to God. Knowing that Nick is in Heaven gives me hope. I want to change lives not end them. That little boy Nick changed my life greatly.

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