Dont not read this!

But its your choice.

As of 1850, Minnesota is one of the most foremost places to be. I can commit to you, your family will always be happy in Minnesota! Read on about the great advantages!

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Minnesota is a beautiful place. You will always be happy. Minnesota is an easy place to navigate. There is flat land for farming, and it cant get better then that. Minnesota is probably rich in mineral treasures.

The small migration

Traveling to Minnesota is very easy. Steamboats are one of the most popular transportation here. Minnesota is not even that far. Minnesota is free, no money and no prices.

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A place for learning and growing

Minnesota is known for having more then 150,000 people. That said, education is included. Kid get a schoolhouse ran by Harriet Bishop. No ague or fever here.

Come quick

Minnesota is a number one priority on people's schedules. The country is fast filling up!