Evaluating Violas Gender Role

Violas Self Identity

Viola would identify herself as an independent person. She has shown this through her actions throughout the story. Viola has tried to make Olivia fall in love with Orsino to make him happy despite that she loves him and she swapped genders in order to take jobs males would probably only get.

Viola in "She's the Man" would see herself as a competitive person. She is willing to do anything as long as she is able to win in the long run. Viola has change her appearance and her the way she acts in order to be accepted in the soccer team and was able to keep her brothers where abouts were a secret. In She's the Man, she shows us this when her ex said she wasn't good enough to play with guys, so she decided to dress up as a guy and join the rival team to prove them wrong (She's the Man).

Violas Gender

Viola views herself as a female even while disguised as Cesario. Though she dresses as a male in order to get a fair chance of being in society knowing that she doesn't have anybody to help her out. In one scene Viola was challenged to a duel since she was still identified as male to all the other characters.

Viola is frequently swapping her gender role throughout the movie, but she herself identifies herself as a female. She is constantly trying to hide her gender by acting male stereotypes, which more or less makes her more suspicous of not being herself in front of them. In She's the Man, there was a scene where her box of tampons spilled out of her bag and made an excuse that she uses them for bloody noses, which causes some suspicion from her roommate and his friends (She's the Man).

Others Perception

During the play Viola was seen as male since she was being disguised as Cesario to hide her gender. She is taken more seriously since males were seen as more prominent in that point of time. Some of the characters view her as a trouble maker for events that has taken place since she arrived.

She is seen as boy throughout the movie by most characters with the exception of her stylist. The reason she wants the other characters to view her as male is so she can be taken seriously and will be able to show that she is capable of keeping up with the other guys in soccer. In She's the Man, near the end of the movie she is taken seriously by the team of Illyria by showing them she is capable of competing with them (She's the Man).


A similarity between us is that we would go out of our way to make others happy even if doesn't make me happy. We would also be willing to get out of our comfort zone to get something done. It is also an initial reaction to get things done ourself instead of getting others for help.

A thing we have in common with each other is our competitive nature that keeps us going.


One difference between us would be that I wouldn't dress as the opposite gender for any reason. Another thing that is different between us is that I would not be restricted by my gender in that time period.

It is not like of me to go out of my way to do something and prove the other person wrong even if I know I'm correct. Another thing we have different about ouselves is that my parents accept me for who I am. Viola and I are also different by is that I don't like playing sports.