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South African National Anthem By Leah Rosenberg

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The Call of South Africa (national anthem)

  1. South Africa is known for its rich, lively, countryside....and......dangerous cities. For years, it has been a home to rich traditions, foods, and moral importance. countless tropical, lush greenery can thrive due to agricultural reserves, and environmental conservation. Such diversity. The land that is known for its arts and culture humanities. Early April, marks 21 years of freedom and democracy. A young but thriving land.
  2. Because of the free roaming land, plus, the animals that reside in the South African plain, it has become a grand attraction for tourists everywhere. The culture and people come from all different faiths. South African art is a big part of the country. Loud, eclectic, colorful tapestry can be seen in even the smallest of local stores. South African food is as savory, and indulgent as the vast lands of the countryside itself. -A viand; at best.
  3. Nelson Mandela, a well known leader and peace activist, was born and raised in Mvezo, South Africa. He was a Martyr for his country and faith, and started an uproar of martyrdom for personal pride and faith. He gained many passionate followers as a result. He even got arrested and jailed for his protest. This only goes to say; that without Mandela's strength and perseverance, the country would not be as thriving and (partially) harmonious as it is today.