First Grade Newsletter

October 17th-21st

This Week in First Grade


We have begun writing "How-To" books. Our students are becoming teachers! They have been discussing with their piers about different topics, and we are enjoying hearing what EXPERTS we have in first grade! There are experts in sports, cooking, cleaning, and even sharpening a pencil! Ask your child about his or her "How-To" just might make your day.


This week we are beginning to learn more about reading nonfiction books! We are discussing how each page can teach you SO MUCH, and that readers reread to make sure they understand their books.


It's all about SUBTRACTION this week. WE are learning how to use pictures and subtraction to compare groups, how to subtract ALL or ZERO, and we are showing ways to take apart numbers. Key Terms to remember when working with your child: "Taking Apart" and "Separating." Please review your child's homework and/or math sheets daily.


Unit 4 Forces and Energy

*How Do We Use Energy?

*How Do Magnets Move Objects?

*How Do Objetcs Move?

*How Can we Change the Way Objects Move?


**Spelling: Starting next week, we will begin "I Can Spell!" Fridays. These are small assessments SIMILAR to a spelling test; however, no list will be provided. Here is why: We are teaching our students HOW to spell instead of memorizing spelling words. More times than not, students memorize a spelling list but are unable to apply those words later. Will will inform of you of the phonics lessons we have covered each week, and the spelling words will come from those RULES. For example, we have covered "s blends," so the list may contain the word STop. "I Can Spell!" will begin this coming Friday. Here are the letter sounds they need to practice: n,o,t,p,i,l,a,z,s,d, and s blends. Here are some common s blends: sc, sk, sm, sn, sp, st, sw, spl.

**RAFFLE TICKETS ARE COMING HOME FRIDAY, OCTOBER 14TH. Remember, these tickets raise money for our classrooms. Tickets are due back (sold and unsold) on Friday, October 28th. The tickets will sell for $1.00 each. The drawing will be held the night of the Fall Festival (October 29th). Please check your child's folder for more information. If you would like MORE tickets, please contact your child's teacher.

Important Dates

  • Wonderful Wednesdays - Wear orange this six weeks on Wednesdays.
  • Fly Fridays - Students will meet in gym for a special weekly program.

October 17-21 - National School Safety Week

October 21 - 95.9 the Ranch Pep Rally

October 24-28 - Red Ribbon Week

OCTOBER 29 - FALL FESTIVAL 4:00-7:00 p.m. (This is a Saturday.)

October 31 - Halloween (No costumes, please.)

November 11-Veteran's Day Program (music)

November 18th-Bring a Parent to School Day (more information to come)

November 21-25th: Thanksgiving Break


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