United States Vs. Canada

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The US overall brings in a whopping $43,444, while Canada doesn't fall far behind with $35,494. The US has an unemployment rate of 5.3%, Canada on the other hand has lower unemployment rate by just 0.02%. Canada has a higher Home Ownership rate at 70% while the US has a 65% Home Ownership rate. Both the US and Canada are in a trade deficit, meaning both the US and Canada are losing more than they are gaining in their trades.
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The US and Canada have large populations of Whites, However The US has a great variety of ethnic groups. The US and Canada are well developed countries and have a well structured middle class. The US has a much larger upper class system.


Canada has more land area than the US by 50,795 sq miles. Canada has a land mass of 3,854,085 sq miles with the US having 3,805,290 sq miles. The US has a greater population than Canada, outnumbering them by 277,334,383 people with Canada having 34,082,000 people. The US government is run by a Presidential Republic, an executive is appointed to develop federal policies, prepare national budgets, enforce federal laws, and appoint federal officials. The Canadian Government is a Constitutional Monarchy, which a monarch is legally restricted within the boundaries of a constitution.
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