keeping desk clean

you need help a lot of help I mean a lot


  • keep snack folded in bag in the middle of your desk
  • stack books from greatest to least
  • put divices in back of the the desk in the middle


  1. Start to claw every thing out of your desk
  2. wipe your desk out to get snack trash or yucky things
  3. sort books from largest to smallest
  4. create two stacks of books in desk and leave middle open for small things
  5. get zipplocks or bag to put lose crayons, pencils, or/and markers in
  6. put bag or zipplock in the middle of the book stack
  7. now you have a clean desk!
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If you follow instrustions

following these steps can make you more sucssesful by helping you find all the right tools to help you in school. I'm Branda and 10 and I have created a helpful smore