ISIS: Islamic State Group

Terrorist group Research


According to BBC the extreme ideas of ISIS date back to the 7th century A.D., but the group was not officially until 2004 of the 20th century. However the person to 'blame' that started this jihadist thinking in the islam faith is Sayyid Qutb. In the 1940's he went to a seminar in the U.S making him dispise the way of the west.

ISIS actually originated from the terrorist group Al Quaeda in 2004 by a man named Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

Leadership in the Group

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is the current leader in the ISIS group. In 2003 he was the leader of a militant Sunni group and he was in jail at that time in an American prison in Iraq but he was released due to he wasn't all that risky and wasn't a danger at the time. He was held in Camp Bucca with 20,000 other inmates but this camp seemed to be some what of a 'training camp' for those who would eventually be apart of ISIS. All of them were developing skills under the noses of the U.S the enemy. There is no clear information on him of how he became leader of ISIS. He took power in 2010 of the Islamic State.

From what I am reading it sounds like they don't recruit it sounds like more like a kidnapping and forcing children to learn how to do the awful things they will do.

The picture above is of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi the main leader of ISIS.

Motives and Ideology

The main goal of ISIS is to expand and take complete control of what was the early Muslim caliphs. With jihad 'means struggle on the path of Allah'(Muir BBC), but most morphing the meaning into waging a holy war leading this extreme terrorist group to perform such brutal acts. Other motivation they have which is awful to think about but the strive to have no peace anywhere they invade, they also want some sort of genicide to occur.

The most effective strategy the ISIS group has is probably brain wash so they are motivated into doing all of the terrible things they do.

Osama Bin Laden also has a big influence on their motivation. He was given a title of honer in the ISIS group, to symbolize where they came from and what they are fighting for.

The Flag above is how ISIS is known by, using scare tactics and brain washing.


The methods that ISIS terrorist group use is they send a suicide bomber in first to make the area weak and than go in with a bigger attack soon after. Recently ISIS has come up with another way to destruct and that is by making drones explosive and yet they have been successful in doing that.

The people fight back ISIS and they lose land they will begin to wither. The group only gains power by gaining land.

The Map above shows the teritory that ISIS is occupying.

Successes and Failures

The Islamic State uses a military strategy the Japanese kamikaze used in World War ll, using suicide bombers to go in the first attack because people are not expecting it than they go in with a bigger attack to get the most damage. They have a organized and professional system with the right equipment in order to have successful attacks. Another thing that is making them successful is they are training children to have a whole new generation for the future to continue what they have been doing.

When they do have failures its not hard for them to make up the numbers. In December of 2015 the group lost quite a few people on an attack near Mosul and they have lost at least 17,500 since August of 2014. Although ISIS has lost so many they always seem to make up the numbers with new recruits. With the refugee crisis it has increased the threat of terror on Europe and possibly the U.S. There are many different views on this issue. There is more to worry about the threat with the refugee crisis but we should trust our trust in our government that they will do their best to protect us.

The picture above show one of the many sneaky tactics of the ISIS group, a car bomb.