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How to treat sensitive scalp

Is the burning sensation of the scalp distracts you more than you would like? Probably, you have a sensitive scalp. It means your skin is irritated faster, and it can be very uncomfortable. As you know, a scalp is also skin, which is covered with a protective barrier. There are some external influences, which can lead to the breakdown of the barrier. Here are some of them: harsh hair care products, styling products with harmful chemical ingredients, dirt, dust, extreme weather conditions, and poor diet. When this protective barrier is broken, your scalp becomes vulnerable and suffers from burning, dandruff, and high sensitivity. Read our tips for getting rid of a sensitive scalp.

  • First of all, try to change your usual hair care habits, which may lead to irritation of the sensitive scalp and make it more prone to damage. It is better to refuse hair care products, which contain harsh chemical ingredients because they cause many hair problems. Replace them with products containing aloe vera, hairstylists at Hair Salon in Soho NYC This wonderful plant has softening and moisturizing properties. Peppermint extract is also useful, as it contains menthol, which provides a cooling effect. This component helps to neutralize the discomfort.
  • Hairstylists at Hair Salon in Soho NYC recommend to avoid the usage of alcohol-containing hair styling products, as they over dry hair and increase the sensitiveness of the scalp. Mild shampoos and other hair care products specially created for sensitive scalp are better alternatives for you.
  • The health of your scalp depends on weather conditions; thus, it requires a specific hair care in winter and summer. Protect your skin from extreme temperatures, as well as from too hot or too cold water. Don’t forget about applying a conditioner, because it hydrates your scalp and, therefore, keeps it healthy. Consequently, the maintaining of optimal moisture level is a key to proper hair care. However, if you doubt, consult a hairstylist at Hair Salon in Soho NYC.
  • Oil treatment is considered to be a panacea for the hair and the scalp. You can choose among the variety of essential oils, but the best ones are jojoba, tea tree, and coconut oils, experts say. Moreover, calophyllum oil reduces redness and itchy feeling. Use a few drops of any oil to massage your scalp. To get glossy and silky strands, leave the oil for the night. Wear a shower cap and wrap the head with a towel; in this case, the moisture and nutrients from the oil penetrate into the hair follicles and soothe the scalp.
  • It is important to choose a good comb for daily usage. Give preference to one, which is made of wood or other natural materials. If you have dry scalp, it is better not to use a blow dryer. Also, it’s recommended to reduce the usage of hair styling products.
  • You can also try home-made treatments based on natural ingredients. When it comes to the sensitive scalp, add some drops of apple vinegar in the rinsing water. Furthermore, wash and rinse your hair with a lukewarm water instead of hot.

Well, treat your scalp properly using our tips, and you’ll forget about irritation!

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