Potential vs. kinetic

The battle of the energy's

Potential energy

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1.It has the potential to move but dose not really move

2.Energy that is stored, but has the potential for motion.

3.EX-1.streched rubber band because it can fly across the room

EX-2.water behind a dam because it can fall down the dam

Kinetic energy


1.Energy an object has do to motion

2.Increases as the object moves faster

3.Ex-1.A moving car

Ex-2.Afaster moving car has more kinetic energy

This is me

My name is Kristina Champion, I made this flyer to teach people about potential and kinetic energy. I hope you learned a lot or a little about these types of energy!!!

This three pictures

The first picture is about potential and kinetic energy!!

The second picture is about potential energy!!

The third picture is about kinetic energy!!