Spin more then 1 ball of yarn or thread!

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The spinning jenny is a spinning wheel that can spin wool cotton, and it was the first ever machine that could spin cotton and wool into yarn. James Hargreaves invented the Spinning jenny. it was invented in 1764. It was invented because it was an easier way to make yarn and wool and also cotton. The carpenter invented it because it was taking to long for people to make it from hand.
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James Hargreaves was born back in oswoldtwistle and also lived their. James did not have an education. Worked as a carpender and a welder. he was not married. he started to sell the spinning jenny to to other people and mills. when he was building his machines and some one broke into his house and destroyed them. because the spinners wear angrey because he was taking their work away.
the spinny jenny was easer to prouduce yarn and wool faster it took mutch faster for the yarn to be spinned and aslo it made a lot more people happier because it was mutch easer to uses instead of of pulling it from hand.