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Caribou Hunts

  • We are located in Kenai Alaska and the hunt will take place in the Kenai Mountains. The trips are guided by our expert guide resurrected Steve Irwin. Our hunts are 5 days long and we will be camping out in the mountains. There is a 2 day safety course required prior to the trip so that hunters are aware of the dangers.
  • Be sure to pack very warm clothes, a side arm in case of bare attack, sleeping bag and tent. The rest will be included.
  • We recommend a .308 round but no higher because it will pass right through the first animal and into the second. This is big trouble for you.
  • There is no additional cost of transportation
  • Tags & License Resident: $45 Nonresident: $410
  • Total trip cost is $2,250 per person with a minimum of 3 people per trip.

All salvageable meat must be taken. Know your target sex, the season is restricted to males only for the first portion of the season.