Cultivating Self Compassion

Hey Educators, how are you doing?

Self Compassion is Necessary to Cultivate Compassion for Others!

Hey Educators, how are you doing? It has been a heck of a year! What have you done for yourself lately? Let's talk about self compassion, shall we? According to Kristen Neff, self-compassion entails being warm and understanding toward ourselves when we suffer, fail, or feel inadequate, rather than ignoring our pain or flagellating ourselves with self-criticism. We treat ourselves the way we would treat a friend who was struggling or suffering.

Practicing self-compassion involves taking action and making positive changes in our lives and when we do we can reconnect with their deep motivation and excitement for helping others.

In this asynchronous learning module, you will be given the tools and resources to begin exploring self compassion in your life, understand and transform habitual responses and overcome self-criticism and develop an open heart and resilience through self-appreciation The science shows that self-compassion has a significant positive impact on educator well-being, resilience, and stress management.

The module begins with a webinar to guide you through foundational understandings for this work and practices. Additional resources are provided to support your integration of the knowledge and practices for daily life. For further support, reach out to Liane Benedict.

Upon completion you will be asked to complete a survey (link at the bottom) where you will offer insights you gained and certify your completion of all tasks. Once complete, you will receive 3 hours of professional development, documented in MyLearningPlan.
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Self Compassion Poll

Please click on the button and complete the Self Compassion Questions. It is anonymous. :-)

Full Self Compassion Quiz

The Self Compassion Poll you just took above is a sample from Kristen Neff's Quiz. If you would like to take the full quiz online, click the link below.

How Self Compassionate Are You?

Deepen Understanding

How to Make Self Compassion Work for You

10% Happier Podcast with Dan Harris & Kristen Neff

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Self Appreciation: The Flip Side of Self Compassion

For a whole host of reasons it’s often trickier than you might think to feel positively about ourselves; most of these stem from fear.

Guided Practices

A Practice of Self-Compassion
Self-Compassion Break (short) (Audio Meditation)
Affectionate Breathing (Audio Meditation)
Core Values Exercise

How are you showing up at work? In your personal relationships? For yourself? How you show up in the world is determined by your core values.

For Further Exploration & Insight

Shame, Healing & Transformation

Being at war with ourselves blocks us from evolving our consciousness and living from our hearts. This talk with Tara Brach distinguishes between toxic and healthy shame, as well as shame about our individual self and our group identity.

The Power of Mindfulness: What You Practice Grows Stronger | Shauna Shapiro | TEDxWashingtonSquare
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Reflection Form To Be Completed

Reflection Form

Complete this reflection form once you have completed the content of this learning module.