HUB S.T.A.R. Requirements

Swartz Creek Global Learning Hub - Student Accountability

Students Taking Academic Responsibility

Presented by Mr. T

S.T.A.R. Boot Camp !

Skills To Achieve Results


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Mr. Richard K. Thompson

Dear Awesome Swartz Creek Global Learning Hub Student,

You are a S.T.A.R !

Students Taking Academic Responsibility

Your commitment to your education is impressive.

If you are a veteran student or brand new -

ALL must be part of this Brilliant Opportunity to Succeed.

Due to a change in the state funding and mandatory accountability

I need your full dedication and discipline in the HUB.

You will expected to follow through on your classes, attendance and requirements of the program. (Listed below)

Carpe Diem...

Mr. T

Mr. T Rap - Link Below

S.T.A.R. Students Taking Academic Responsibility

Success Inspires Success

Tour of Boot Camps...

Wed. February 12, 2014 . 10:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Tuesday March 25, 2014 - 1:00 - 5:30 PM

Seat Time Waiver

As a seat Time Waiver Student, the responsibility is all on you.

Below is a link about the 5-O-B pupil accounting and the law.

As freedom is not free - you must pay the price for your time away from a brick and mortar school building.

Are you responsible enough?

Do you have the Characteristics to be successful?

Can YOU Handle this?

State Requirements

Addressing Online Learning and Truancy

Genesee County Attendance Task Force

Students enrolled in an online learning program will be held accountable for expectations of MCL 712A.2(a)(4) and requirements of the program.

Tracking student attendance in a district sponsored online program may differ from traditional attendance tracking and may vary student to student. The following attendance equivalents may be used by the district to measure student participation. Attendance equivalents may include but are not limited to:

  • Email and/or phone conversations between the student and program mentor or teacher
  • Completed work submitted through Learning Management System (LMS)* or other electronic means
  • Lab time spent at on onsite educational facility
  • Home visit meetings
  • Evidence of measurable progress toward educational goals and graduation

The key to tracking student attendance in an online program is primarily driven by student progress in the program and not by the number of times a student logs in.

If the student is not engaging in the on-line program, it is the responsibility of the school to take the appropriate intervention measures.

Learning Management System (LMS) may include but is not limited to programs like Blackboard, Moodle, Osiris and Filemaker.

It is as easy as knowing your A B C's and counting to 13 !

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You are YOU ?

What is Your Name ?

Please click link below and submit your name...

Characteristics of successful online learners


Students who can direct their own learning environment, fulfill course requirements and achieve individual academic success.

Independent learner
The online environment enables students to learn at their own pace, whether it’s traditional, extended or accelerated, relieving the stress of feeling rushed or pressured and providing enjoyment in the learning process.

Computer literate
Although it’s not necessary to have advanced computer skills, students should possess a working knowledge of electronic email, the Internet and basic keyboarding skills.

Time management
Students must be able to organize and plan their own best “time to learn.” There is no one best time for everyone, but the key to learning is to commit the time to learn.

Effective writing skills
Students must use electronic email to communicate with their peers as well as their instructors. The ability to write clearly in order to communicate ideas and assignments is very important to student success as well as a means to inform instructors of any concerns or problems.

Personal commitment
Since there are no bells that begin and end classes, students must have a strong desire to learn and achieve knowledge and skills via online courses. Making a commitment to learn in this manner is a very personal decision and requires a strong commitment to participate in order to achieve academic success.

Take the readiness quiz below...

The World is @ YOUR fingertips !

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Take a personality Test

This is Who We Are

Swartz Creek Academy - Not a Place... an Experience : by RKT
SCGLH 2013 Fall Inauguration

Hub Team 2013-2014

Dean - Mr. Richard Kerry Thompson :

Administrative Assistant - Ms. Patty Kilne :

Mentor - Mr. Charles Oliver :

English,Social Studies & Electives - Mr. Ben Gillett :

Language - Ms. Sabrina Boyer :

Science - Mr. Bryan Pyle :

Math - Mr. Jim Kelly :

EDP - Mrs. Char Srnek

Special Ed. - Ms. Kayla Trundle :

Math Voluneteer Tutor - Mr. James Packer

VLAC - Dr. Carol Klenow : Klenow,

Assistant Superintendent : Mr. Adam Hartley :

Websites of each discipline

T.E.A.M. Together Everyone Achieves More

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Are you a Sheep or an Eagle?

The sheep need a shepherd to tell them everything to do.

An eagle learns to fly and is on their own.

One is not better than another, it is the freedom that is different.

In your education do you need the shepherd or can you fly and do this on your own?

or perhaps a little of each...

The Extra Degree ! Do you have what it takes? 212


Where are you on the scale ?

Scale of 1 - 10

10 = I am very ready to Commit to a new way of Learning

1= I am not ready

Question ?

Do you have internet?

Do you have a computer?

Do you have a space that is a learning environment in your home?

Can you spend 25 hours a week on your school?

Are you ready to take a course online? - take the survey below...

Stress No More

What does stress mean to you and how you can beat it.

This PowerPoint was produced by HUB student Madeline Lobdell.

Link below...

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My Task List to be in the SCGLH

Please click on link for YOUR Task List

It is as easy as knowing your letters and numbers...

Congratulations ! - It's ALL about YOU !

YOU have decided to go forward with being your own BOSS.

That means we need a few prerequisites from you so you can fully become an Awesome Student in the Swartz Creek Global Learning HUB.

Here is a list of tasks for you to complete to prove you can handle the freedom of being a self learner.

A- Your own E-mail
B- Your Time Management Database
C- Your Power Point about yourself
D- Your One Word
E- Your Commitment - Contract

F- Your 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens

G- Your Digital Portfolio

H- Your E.D.P. Educational Development Plan

I - Your S.M.A.R.T. Goals

J - Your Citizenship / Volunteer / Coop

K- Your Online Readiness Test

L - Your STAR Test Online

M - Your Celly - Communication

N - Your T.R.P. Total Responsible Person

O- Your True Colors - Temet Nosce

P -Your Student Recommendation Form

Q- Your Lexicon

R- Your Fixed Intelligence or Fixed Mindset

S - Your Bamboo

T - Your 70% Pass Thresh-hold

U- Your Monkey

V- Your Big Idea

W- Your Quote

X- Your Vision Board

Y- Your Latin Phrase

Z- Your 3 D - Desire , Discipline, Dedication

AA- Lets Talk About Cheating

BB- Your Work Space

CC- My Story

DD- a Dozen Eggs

EE- Habits of Mind

A- Your own E-mail

Your professional email.

Are you on the HUB send all list?

C- Power Point About Yourself

3 slides...

1st slide - Your Name, Grade, Age and a photo of you

2nd slide - Why the S.T.W. program works for you

3rd slide- your favorite quote

G - Your Digital Portfolio

Create an Account and begin your Digital Portfolio.

Then send Link to Mr. T

Link below to website to create your own...

Link below to Comprehensive smore of all students to date

H - Your E.D.P. Educational Development Plan

J - Your Citizenship / Volunteer / Coop

What are you going to do ?

137.50 hours = .5 credit

You can earn up to 2 credits - in your high school career

L - Your STAR Test Online

M - Your Celly Communication

O- Your True Colors - Temet Nosce

R- Fixed Intelligence vs. Growth Mindset

T - 70% Pass Threshold

Strive for Excellence !

V - Big Idea

What is your BIG IDEA you have that could change the WORLD?

or at least your corner of the Earth.

W - Quote

What is your favorite Quote?

X - Vision Board

What do you vision for yourself ?

Y - Latin Phrase

What is your favorite Latin Phrase?

Z - We Think & Act in 3D




You too will earn your 3D glasses

AA- Let's Talk about Cheating !

It is easy on line

Yet you will be caught

BB - Your Work Space

Where in your world is your computer?

A space that empowers learning...

CC - My Story

If you wish to share "Your Story" on how your journey led you to Alternative / Non-Traditional Education - This is an avenue top share...

DD - Dozen Eggs

You get 12 Classes per Year / 12 Eggs..

It is up to you to hatch them..

An analogy that is no YOKE...

EE - Habits of Mind

The 16 Habits of Mind

Will change your vision of yourself

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The few and the Proud

Every student, teacher, volunteer and administrator is on a continuous probation.

We must be able to handle;e the responsibilities of online learning.

All of the requirements are here to set you up to succeed.

If indeed after evaluation the facts are clear that one can not keep up with the rigorous resolve it takes to be in the SCGLH a transfer will be in effect immediately.

This is to insure a system that works for each individual.

Thank you

Mr. T

Keys to YOUR Success

Student Responsibilities

  1. HUB Official Form
  2. Daily Email to Mentor (Mr. Oliver & C.c. Mr. T)
  3. Log in to M.V.U. course and work on class
  4. Log in to OdysseyWare Courses and work on classes
  5. Weekly in house Attendance (Tues. Wed. Thurs. 2:30 - 5:30)
  6. Daily Attendance Sheet - complete
  7. S.T.W. Student Record of On-Line Log ins (Count Month Only)
  8. Science Labs - 3 per science class (Dates posted)
  9. Complete - Graduation Plan Workshop
  10. STW Student Evaluation Fall Winter Spring Summer
  11. Semester 1 and Semester 2 Classes Worksheet
  12. Weekly Accountability Worksheet
  13. Transcript

2- Daily Email to Mentor

Daily Email to Mentor (Mr. Oliver & C.c. Mr. T)

3-Daily Log in to M.V.U. course

Log in to M.V.U. course and work on class

3- M.V.U. Expectations

Once you have your MVU course you will

  1. Know your MVU login
  2. Know your MVU Password
  3. Watch the Welcome MVU Video and take notes
  4. Email your MVU teacher

Please study video below from MVU

What I expect from you:

  1. Please watch this quick video , which helps with many questions about role of mentor and role of students.
  2. Login at least 3-5 times per week (approx. 5-8 hours per week) to
    be able to stay on pace to finish the course.
  3. Complete to the best of their ability ALL of the work, not just the
    graded work in the course.
  4. Communicate with your instructor often.
  5. Use MESSAGE BOARD in Blackboard on any questions about:
  • Course navigation
  • Course content
  • Any other course questions
  1. Call help desk (888) 889-2840
  • For any technical issue with your computer
  • E-text will not load
  • Video's will not play

7. Communicate with mentor (school supervisor).

  • Use face-to-face meetings and show mentor MY GRADES in Blackboard
    or print Grade book weekly and turn in to mentor.
  • Sign contract (if school deems appropriate)

8. Learn to become more self-directed in learning.

9. Read and follow MVS Acceptable Use Policy

10. Inform your teacher of your questions

Link below for more MVU information

4- Daily Log in to OdysseyWare Courses

4- OdysseyWare Expecatations

Once you have your OdysseyWare classes you will

  1. Know your OdysseyWare login
  2. Know your OdysseyWare Password
  3. Email your OdysseyWare teacher

5- Weekly In House Attendance

Weekly in house Attendance (Tues. Wed. Thurs. 2:30 - 5:30)

7- S.T.W. Student Record of On-Line Log ins

S.T.W. Student Record of On-Line Log ins (Count Month Only)

8- Science Labs

Science Labs - 3 per science class (Dates posted)

9- Graduation Plan Workshop

M.D.E. Michigan Department of Education High School Graduation Requirements

Student Graduation Plan Worksheet

Complete - Graduation Plan Workshop

Do -Done - Decree

Hexahedron - Stellated Octahedron

10 - STW Student Evaluation Fall Winter Spring Summer

11 - Semester 1 and Semester 2 Classes Worksheet

You get a dozen eggs per year !

Are you going to let them rot or hatch them ?

12 - Weekly Accountability Worksheet

Progress & Score

13- Transcipt

How Many Credits do you Have?

How many until you graduate?

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Exemplary - The Extra Degree,,

Student Ambassador

Be an Ambassador for your school , city, county, state Nation WORLD

Study Skills

You will take a course called Study Skills

This will help you learn how you learn

Think Outside the Equilateral Paralellagram


Get the Monkey off your back

Stop Monkeying around

We are a barrel full of Monkeys

What is one of your Monkeys on Your Back?

The Zombie

Has a ZOMBIE in your life set you off track?

How do you get back?

Chicken Dance

Don't be caught doing the chicken dance at the end of the Semester!

Presidential Physical Fitness Award

Challenge yourself !


James Allen - AS a Man Thinketh


Create one with your name and your one word...

Link below to create one

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