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September 2021 Newsletter

Kia ora koutou

The end of this term has caught us by surprise. We have a lot of new and exciting projects underway. It is fantastic to see Te Waka Manaaki students contributing to the wider school community. This term Te Waka Manaaki teachers have started to learn about interoception.

Interoception is a lesser-known sense that helps you understand and feel what's going on inside your body. Children and adults who struggle with the interoceptive sense may have trouble knowing when they feel hungry, full, hot, cold, thirsty or need to use the toilet.

The body is filled with sensory receptors that tell you where your body parts are. These receptors are located in your muscles and joints. This helps you to understand what is going on around you and how your body moves within that environment.

Something similar goes on with Interoception, except that the receptors are inside your body's organs and skin. All of these receptors report to your brain with information about what is going on inside your body.

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As a team, we are learning how to teach the communication (both verbal and non-verbal) of interoception- what the body is saying and /or feeling. We are using a resource called 'Zones of Regulation' to help support our lesson planning. When we can all understand how to meet our own basic needs then we can learn more readily.

Below is a link to more information about interoception

Information about Interoception


We wish you a very safe and relaxing holiday.

Ngā mihi nui

Leonie and the Te Waka Manaaki Team

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Te Waka Manaaki Rūma 2

Lisa made a volcano with the students in the sandpit to demonstrate the reactions of acids and bases and to show what a volcano could look like. The students loved watching the reaction, taking turns picking the colour of the lava and putting the active ingredients into the bottle to see the results.

The pure joy that animals can bring is evident on Troy's face … captured when our animal-loving staff member Donna Mann brought an injured baby Mallard duckling in to show the class. The students helped to feed the duckling and made sure that it was always warm.

As well as the arrival of our lambs we have also helped a Mallard duckling that was found alone in a carpark. We also continue to enjoy our weekly visits from Donna’s dog Shrek. Shrek is a Leonburger (German Lion Dog). This breed of dog is known for being sensitive and we always love to see him.

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Te Waka Manaaki Rūma 1

Aidan, Zac and Jai have been making fabulous tea light candle holders in their wood-technology class and proudly got to take home the finished product last week.

At the end of the year, we will be having a Ball/dance party day, as the school ball had to be cancelled for our senior students this year due to Covid. We will have a day when we put on our “ glad rags'' and celebrate our students who are leaving school this year as well as our other achievements for the year.

We have started working together to make some props and decorations to turn our classroom space into an “enchanted forest” and make it feel really special for the day.

In Manaaki 1 we have also begun working on some improvements to our garden space and have started by planting seeds for a flower garden that we hope will be healthy and ready for our students to be picking flowers in term 1 next year - watch this space!



Students Mitchell Searancke & Joshua Jury-Thompson have been working on a business project this term as part of their STEAM course ‘Be Your Own Boss’

They decided to create a fundraiser for BLUE SEPTEMBER- a Prostate Cancer charity.

With the expert guidance of Speech-Language therapist Helen Griffiths, the boys made delicious ‘blue brownies’ for sale to students and staff during interval and lunchtime in the quad. Their operation was well organised and visually appealing with excellent attention to detail …. No cash wasn't an excuse, they even had a mobile eftpos …. ka pai boys!

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We are working with Dean Redshaw, Spotswood College Farm Manager in a business venture to raise a small family of lambs. There are two groups of lambs, one group is about five weeks old and the other a little younger. Our students are learning to measure and mix up the milk mixture and feed the correct amounts for the different aged lambs.

At the moment we are bottle feeding the younger lambs, while the older lambs are feeding from the “lambateria”. Currently, we are tasked to feed three times a day!.

It is a big responsibility but very rewarding and we are learning a lot about how to handle lambs and what they need to thrive.

School Terms

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School Uniform

Our expectation as a school whanau is that our young people are in the correct uniform at all times. As we are now heading into cooler weather, it is important that students have the correct winter school uniform. Items can be purchased from our Uniform Shop.

We also have a large accumulation of uniforms that are a part of lost property that is kept in this space, If your child has a missing school item, please encourage them to check the lost property racks.

Uniform shop hours

Uniform shop hours each week are as follows:

8.00 am to 9.00 am & Interval - Monday to Friday.

Phone 751 2416 Ext 721.


Reminder school finishes at 2.10 pm every Wednesday.


- 24th November - TWM Craft Fair

- 2nd December - Students Ball / Dance Party

- 3rd December - last day of term for TWM students

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