Hopkins High School

November 18, 2020

Good Afternoon Parents and Students,

I have been out of the office the past two days and as you know big changes have taken place with the MDHHS Emergency Order to take a Three Week Pause. Fortunately, Assistant Principal- Mrs. Robrahn has been able to begin the process to put us all in good shape for the immediate days ahead. Let’s look at what is ahead for us in the next three weeks.

Let’s compartmentalize the closure of the first trimester and the beginning of the second trimester.

To conclude this trimester:

  • Exams will now be held on the two last days of the trimester- Monday 11/23 Exams 1st- 3rd hour and Tuesday 11/24 Exams 4th and 5th hour

  • We are following our Positive Exam Opportunity offer- For students above 50%- all exams will be remote- for both “Hybrid” and “Remote Only” students. If you are scoring the following in classes:

    • 70% or better- it is your choice if you wish to take the exam. It can only help your grade

    • 60-69%- take the exam. It can only help your grade

    • 50-59%- take the exam. If you pass the exam you pass the class.

  • Any student who is scoring less than 50% and wants the opportunity to “test out” by scoring 77% or better for a credit will be expected to come in for their exam. You cannot take a “test out” exam remotely.

The building (cafeteria) will be open both dates from 7:30- 11:00 so students with unreliable internet access or are testing out can be accommodated. There has been a link shared with students earlier today for signing up for exams, breakfast, lunch and transportation needs- fill one out ONLY if you need to come in. This link is also included below for convenience. Sign up must be completed by Thursday 11/19 by 3:00pm.


  • Attendance- This is very important. Teachers will be reaching out to all students to record a two way communication. This will be via email, Please respond back so we can count you in attendance this week (11/18-11/24)

We hope to have a successful completion to the trimester for all and enjoy a Thanksgiving Break to celebrate our blessings and be thankful for our opportunities. Our teachers will have all of the grades completed by Friday 12/4.

To begin the second trimester:

  • New classes begin on November 30… this means all new classes will begin in the Remote form until we return on Thursday 11/10 to our A/B schedules.

  • Attendance- This is very important. Teachers will be reaching out to all students to record a two-way communication each week. This will be via email. Please respond back so we can count you in attendance each week (11/30-12/1 and 12/2-12/8).

  • It is really important that you ask questions of teachers at the start of the new trimester to gain a solid footing for the class.

  • The building (cafeteria) will be open from 7:30- 11:00 for students with unreliable internet access. There will be a link shared with students on Monday 11/23 to sign up for access on their cohort days. This link includes information about breakfast, lunch and transportation needs for these internet access days. Sign up must be completed by Tuesday 11/24 by 3:00pm for the first full week of the new trimester. Another sign up will be sent out on Wednesday, 12/2, for the week of 12/7. This form will be due Thursday, 12/3.

  • Another option for those with unreliable internet access- if you feel more comfortable not coming into our building you may park outside of our building and utilize our internet access. The best spots will be right outside of the cafeteria or in the teacher’s parking lot.

In closing, let’s work through this together. We have one trimester of practice and performance completed… let’s continue to improve.

If you have any questions please contact us at highschool@hpsvikings.org.

Ken Szczepanski, Principal

Trimester 2 Schedules

Trimester 2 schedules will be available at 3:00 PM today, November 18, 2020

Things to know:

-In order to request changes, students will need to fill out this form: (parents do not have access to the form, students must be the ones to put the request in) https://forms.gle/VfzuHeuyAVdokCdF8

-If you know you failed a class, please don't request a change, I already have that list.

-Requests will not be accepted via email, the form must be filled out (the first to submit requests, will be the first ones to be adjusted) I will email you with options and when/if your request can be done :)

-Some changes may happen after final grades come back form the 1st trimester so keep an eye on PowerSchool (if you fail a course, we will do our best to reschedule you next trimester)

-Classes are very full. There will not be much wiggle room for changes due to COVID restrictions.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Amanda Weaver, School Counselor

Hopkins High School

(269) 793-7616 X 1510


Hopkins Athletics

All HS and MS practices and games are suspended immediately for Hopkins. We will keep you informed as we gain more information regarding what we are allowed to do and when we are allowed to do them. We will continue to keep the community updated with any new information that we receive. Thank you for your patience.


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Bittersweet Ski Club passes for Adults & Students are now available.

If you would like your pass before winter break, please turn in your forms and payment by Thursday, December 10. Forms are available at all school offices.

Hopkins High School

Ken Szczepanski, Principal

kenszcz@hpsvikings.org ext. 1509

Jessica Robrahn, Assistant Principal

jessrobr@hpsvikings.org ext. 1507

Amanda Weaver, Counselor

amanweav@hpsvikings.org ext. 1510

Adam Valk, Athletic Director

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