Pride and Prejudice Soundtrack

By: Sarah Shahnavaz

Song #1

  • When Mr. Darcy first met The Bennets for the first time
  • Rude by Magic
  • The song Rude is about wondering why someone is so rude. Lizzie does this when she notices that Darcy doesn't ask anyone to dance at the gathering they first met at. Also, when Darcy is found to be self centered and conceited by Lizzie.
  • :42-:52

Song #2

  • When Mr. Collins proposes Lizzie
  • No by Meghan Trainor
  • This song is about rejecting someone who shows affection towards another. In the story, a similar situation occurs when Mr. Collins asks for Lizzie's hand in marriage and she rejected instantly.
  • :30-:44

Song #3

  • Mr. Darcy's first marriage proposal
  • Problem by Ariana Grande
  • This song represents contrasted feelings about a person. Lizzie rejected Darcy's marriage proposal but it is obvious that she wanted to say yes, but couldn't because of what he did to Jane and Bingley's relationship.
  • :29-:49

Song #4

  • Mr. Darcy proposing and Lizzie confessing to her father that she loves Mr. Darcy
  • Unconditionally by Katy Perry
  • This song is about loving someone unconditionally and finally realizing your feelings for someone. After Mr. Darcy and Lizzie being confused about their feelings towards each other throughout the whole story, they finally realized they do love each other.
  • :36-1:04