Advice from a Bagel

Ivy (Prose and Visual Arts Editor)

Advice from a Bagel

I am stuck in the bottom of the store that does not love me anymore.

I don’t see anything around me.

Everything is dark.

I am forgotten.

Don’t be forgotten.

Live life out loud, you don’t know when life will turn for the worst.

My life did.

I am stale, and crusty.

Mold has grown on my skin.

Be active in the life that you live in.

Don’t rest for a second, because if you do you might grow mold, too.

See the world through open eyes, because I cannot.


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Ivy is a sophomore in high school. She is a Prose and Visual Arts Editor for Boom Site Literary Magazine. She enjoys reading, writing, singing, and acting in her free time. Some of her favorite books include The Book Thief and The Emerald Atlas.

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As a part of the Boom Site intensive, Steph from Voices in the Valley interviewed Ivy. Listen to Ivy read her poem by clicking HERE.

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