Where to go and what to see

How to get there

You would have to travel to the St. Louis airport, and from there you would fly into Lisbon, Portugal. The cheapest you can fly there for is $726.00. It takes 18 hours and 49 minutes, approximately to get there. You have a a layover in Washington and Geneva on your way to Lisbon, Portugal. (Trust me I used trip adviser)

Interesting facts about Lisbon, Portugal.

Lisbon is a city that is bursting with life. Cultural events, feasts, festivals, and fairs are a constant part of Lisbon (Portugal's Capital)

It is said to have blue skies all year round and a pleasant winter. A short trip to Lisbon's coast gives you some of the best sand beaches.

Lisbon enjoys on average 260 days of sun per year.

Another great thing about Lisbon is one of the least expensive cities in Western Europe.