Math Department 3rd-5th Grade

Week 29 News/Updates "TCAP Probe #7 Friday" and SPRING BREAK

Reminder: Spring Break Packets should be targeted and leveled for individual groups of students!

TCAP Probe #7 by EOD Friday, March 13th

Things to remember:

  • The test is administered to all students grades 3-5
  • Use TCAP Test Security Procedures
  • Scan bubble sheets in school runner ASAP! This part is crucial because Spring Break is next week!
  • Bubble sheets are ready to be printed and assessments can be found on sharepoint.

"Honing in on Number and Operations and the notion of Teaching to Mastery"

What does "teaching to mastery mean or imply"?

Essentially, students are continuously presented with opportunities to learn, master, and show mastery of a skill. There is a clear cycle of teach-practice-assess, teach-practice-assess, until the student shows mastery multiple times independent of support from the teacher.

Number and Operations is the heaviest weighted domain on TCAP. As a district we have focused heavily on Number and Operations and will continue to do so leading up to TCAP. Below you will find district data showing our lowest performance areas (2 or 3) under the Number and Operations domain. Challenge yourself and your team to target these areas in your SPRING BREAK Packets and plans for after Spring Break.

You will also see the districts top 2 bright spots by school! Take a second to smile and pat yourselves on the back. Our students have consistently increased their proficiency in these areas.

Below you will find a couple videos that may help students grasp some of the most difficult skills.

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Big image
Big image

0406.2.4 Find factors, common factors, multiples, and common multiples of two numbers.

Finding the Least Common Multiple 127-2.21
Multiples and Factors

0306.2.13 Recognize, compare, and order fractions (benchmark fractions, common numerators, or common denominators).

Comparing Fractions

0506.2.6 Add and subtract proper and improper fractions as well as mixed numbers.

Subtracting mixed numbers

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The ENERGY in Deborah O'Neal's 5th Grade Class @GHAES was Contagious today! Way to work through Hump Day Deborah!

Deborah Oneal Science 3 11

Resource Hub on Sharepoint-- 1 on 1 Data Report Available