Life Of Glass

Jillian Cantor

Minor and Major Characters and the Setting

Main Character is Melissa. She has a mom (no name in book) and an older sister, Ashley. Her father past away early on. Some minor characters are her friend Ryan and the new girl Coutney. The setting is in a small town of Arizona, mainly in the "wash"

Song-Live like We're Kris Allen

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Kris Allen- Live Like We're Dying lyrics


When Melissa's Dad dies of cancer Melissa's life is changed. Ashely, her old sister, gets a car, a new boyfriend and her mom also gets a new boyfriend that neither of the girls like. Melissa can not stand all the boys and neither guys are her dad or act like her dad.So when she goes through her fathers old stuff she finds his old journal full of quotes and an unfinished book written about her. All Melissa wants is to be loved. The last person for her to go to is her best friend Ryan, but when the new girl, Courtney, comes to town will everything change in just one night,? Will Melissa lose her best friend and her family? She ponders over this for a while, but in the end everything is back to normal as if nothing even changed between her and the ones she loves.