people with smoking Addiction

By: Abel Jaimes

Information about Addiction

90% of Americans with a substance abuse problem started smoking, drinking, or using other drugs before age 18.

Even though we know that smoking kills, people smoke because they have stress, or they have a really hard time quitting.

People smoke because they take out the stress they have. Some people smoke because they want to take out all the problems they have in their house or at their job.

Smoking Tobacco contains many Chemicals that are harmful to smokers. Smoking Tobacco can lead to lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary and many more chemicals that can hurt your body.

People face Addiction by trying not to smoke or some go to rehab try to change their lives and quit smoking even tho is hard they try.

How do people face Addiction?

According to the article " The smoking addiction" it says when your smoking addiction. This can put you in a stronger position to beat it. Smoking is an addiction with three parts. First is "Addiction to nicotine" if you try to stop smoking it's going to make you crazy because you always got use to it everyday. Second is "Habit" is when you smoke it becomes a habit, and is reinforced by all the routines, times and activities you have come to associate with smoking. last part is "Emotions" these is a big smoking triggers too, such as when you are having problems or when you are mad or nervous it will make you smoke.

What can Tobacco do to you?

According to the article "Drug Facts" it says that smoking Tobacco contains many chemicals that are harmful to smokers. Smoking tobacco can lead to lung cancer, and other more chemicals that can be dangerous to your body. A lot of people died of smoking Tobacco than cars crashes and other accidents in America. Tobacco use kills more than 6 million people annually, 30 percent of whom will die from cancer-related diseases due to smoking.

Why do people like to smoke Tobacco?

According to the article "National Institute on Drug abuse" it says People like to smoke Tobacco because it helps them take out stress, it makes them feel better when they have trouble at work and when they have house problems even for teenagers. According to the article males smoke more than females because the males have more problems than females do. Tobacco is a really hard situation because is hard to leave it and you let tobacco control you.