Pre-school Monkey Class

Sept. 11, 2015 Mrs. Ledbetter, Miss. Thomson & Mrs. Wilkins

Next Week

We worked with ten frames this week to help with counting while at circle and table time activities. Next week, we will continue with the ten frame at circle while introducing shapes. The ten frame with help with counting shapes and comparing amounts of 2 shapes. We will also discuss shapes and go on a shape hunt. The book we will use is called When A Line Becomes A Shape.


We will start using the pieces that help us for letters and numbers. They are called big line, little line, big curve, and little curve. It is a slow process introducing the letters and numbers. We work hard on holding crayons and pencils in the beginning. We write and draw all along, but also follow this program to help.

Home Visits

Home visits are next week on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. There is no school on Thursday or Friday (the 17th and 18th) next week.

I will share things for you to do at home and then answer questions you might have.

Please sign up for a time if you haven't. I am very open on Wednesday and Friday. I have an 8:00 am left for Thursday the 17th.


We have Library on Thursdays. Miss. Doyle (Headstart, Pre-school teacher) and I will provide an activity and story in the library and the children will check out a book with the library clerk. Please read the book with your child and return it before the following Tuesday. Before reading the story, do a picture walk. A picture walk is when you just turn the pages and look at the pictures and talk about them. Ask questions like, "What is happening in this picture?" It is great to read the story to your child more than one time also. Repeated readings allow the child to retell the story to themselves later.


September 16-18- Home Visits- I come to your home with activities.

September 17-18- No School. I will be at your home next week and not at school.

October 1- Picture day, more information to come.