The Last Song

By: Nicholas Sparks, Presentation By: Kaitlyn Wall


The Last Song is a heartwarming story filled with love. Click to read the full summary.


Don't take your family for granted because you might only get one chance to make things right with those you love.


  • In the beginning Ronnie didn't care for her family
  • As the story progresses she finds out her dad has terminal cancer
  • Ronnie must make the most of the time they have left together
  • In the end she realizes how much her family loves her, as she loves them, and spends a lot more time with them

In the short dialogue below, the conflict is resolved and the resolution is shown. Ronnie has finished the last song between her and her father, and she has to show it to him before it is too late. The dialogue also reflects on the theme. Ronnie is playing the piano after neglecting it for years because of her father. During the dialogue she decides to play again, because she loves her dad and she knows he loves her too.