Surprising Death of Macbeth

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This is Rebecca Hopson reporting from Macbeth’s castle. Where we are learning that the king was brutally stabbed to death in his sleep. King Duncan was visiting Macbeth’s house to celebrate the victory on the battle field, and to celebrate Macbeths becoming than of Cawdor. The murders were found to be the two men that’s job it was to protect the king from danger. The king’s body guards were found passed out in the king’s room covered in the king’s blood, with the bloody dagger in their hands. When this was discovered the two guards were killed by Macbeth for their crimes. Although there is talk that the kings sons have ran off, this makes it seem that they could have had something to do with the death of their father. I have spoken to Macduff who found the kings mangled body. Macduff was terrified by the horrifying seen of the kings murder. Macduff was pleased that the murders were brought to justice by their death. It is a very sad time for all of our leaders. I have also talked to Macbeth and he is mortified by the actions of the guards, but Macbeth ashersed us that he will step up and take the place as king. Thank you and we will continue to bring you updates as this story unfolds.

The funeral of Macbedth


King Duncan was taken from his people early this morning very tragically. King Duncan died at the age of 45. King Duncan was survived by two son’s Malcom and Donalbain. The king was a great man that protected this people with everything in his power. The king was very loved by all of the people that life’s he effected. He was a good man that didn’t deserve to be taken so soon. The king lived an amazing life ruling his wonderful kingdom. King Duncan will be miss by everyone. The king can rest knowing that his thrown is in good hands of Macbeth.