Miss Rassman's Classroom

Welcome to the 1st Grade!

About Miss Rassman

Hello and welcome to the new year! I am so excited and ready for a year or fun and learning. My name is Courtney Rassman and I am a Wilmington University graduate. My degree is in Early Childhood Education and I love teaching. I am newly engaged and will be Mrs. Payne next school year! I am the proud dog mom of two puppies, Charlie and Luke. In my spare time I like to hang out with my dogs, go to the beach, and enjoy the great outdoors.

Personal Teaching Philosophy

I want to start out by saying that communication is really key to having a successful year and I want all of my parents and students to always feel like they can come to me. It is also really important that my classroom is accommodating for all of my students. Please let me know if you have any concerns about your child that you feel I should know about. I believe that it is very important for all teachers to exhibit positive expectations for all of their students, establish good classroom management techniques, and design lessons for student mastery. I want your children to succeed and I will do everything in my power to be sure that happens! On top of that I also like to be very involved with the students and keep them engaged in the classroom.

Classroom Arrangement

I prefer to keep my desks in a u-shape with the blackboard being front and center. I believe this is a great design because it allows everyone to be able to see each other and I am able to walk around the middle of the students to assist them. My desk will be in the front, right corner of the room. It will be a little off to the side but still in view so that the students can easily get to me. We will have subject areas spread out all over the room. In the front, left will be our music corner, the back left will be art, and the back right will be puzzles. In the middle of art and puzzles will be our reading center, full of books and comfortable pillows. Please feel free to come in and check out the classroom for yourself!

Classroom Rules and Expectations

  • We will follow directions the first time they are given
  • We will treat others with kindness
  • We will keep our hands, feet, and bodies to ourselves
  • We will use good manners
  • We will use inside voices and walking feet in the classroom
  • We will apologize
  • We will share

Classroom Routines and Procedures

  • Enter the room quietly and politely. Put away your backpack, punchbag, and coat
  • When we line up stand up quietly, push in your chair, and line up without touching anybody
  • Share supplies and put it back in the correct group basket
  • When we are having group discussions: sit flat, listen carefully, raise your hand to speak
  • When needing to use the restroom, raise your hand, state that you need to go, and when I give the okay quietly go
  • When I need your attention I will say "1-2-3- eyes on me" to which you will respond "1-2-3 eyes on you"
  • At the end of the day we will clean off our desks, pick up any trash, stack our chairs, and wait quietly to be dismissed

Mission Statement

I do not yet have a mission statement for our classroom because I feel that it is important to do this as a team. On the first day we will work as a classroom to come up with a mission statement that we will we can fulfill together everyday. I will then post this mission statement on the wall in our room for the students to look at everyday.

Establishing Positive Relationships

I would like to end this with saying that I feel it is so important to have a positive classroom. I want all of my students to feel safe in the classroom and I want all of my parents to feel okay with dropping their children off. I think it is important to be a role model for my students and to encourage them everyday. I will work hard to be respectful, listen to them, be dedicated, criticism carefully, and be fair. I will also support positive relationships between my students by creating a getting to know you activity, encourage sharing activities, and teaching acceptance.
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