Earthworm Dissection


April 6, 2014 By Jackson Twyman

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First, you will learn about earthworm dissections, on all of the structures in an earthworm. You will learn about internal and external anatomy of earthworms. You will learn about the earthworms circulatory system.

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Background Information

The earthworm's scientific name is Lumbricus terrestria. The earthworm lives inside of the dirt, and it feeds on nutrient rich soil. Its predators are many different bird species like the sparrow. The earthworm helps the soil by excreting waste, which helps plants grow well. The earthworm has setae which help it move through soil.
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Circulatory System

The earthworm has a closed circulatory system. It sends blood through two major vessels called the dorsal vessel, and the ventral vessel. The earthworm has heart like structures called aortic arches. The dorsal blood vessel sends blood to the heart, and the ventral blood vessel sends blood away from the heart.

Interesting Facts

Some interesting facts about earthworms are that they are perfect baits for fishing. Earthworms are located anywhere that there is healthy dirt. The way that earthworms help out the soil, is by leaving air holes in the soil for water to enter. Also, they leave castings which contain nutrients for the plants.

Human Impact

Humans use earthworms in their gardens, to keep the plants healthy. Also, we use earthworm castings as fertilizer for our lawns and gardens. Finally, earthworms are used for fish bait.

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