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Vassar College Campus

Letter from the Director

Dear SIG Parents, Family, and Friends,

SIG is a very unique community. Academics are our primary focus and your children are already having wonderful experiences. SIG is more than "school." We are a community and it is an amazing thing to watch that community grow and develop. I get to watch students develop academically, socially, emotionally, and in maturity.

The counselors are working continually on building a counselor group that is respectful, kind and works cooperatively to live and learn together. Most of our students don't share a room at home. They have had to work together to meet each others needs for privacy and socialization. They are learning how to live in a campus community where we have to be respectful that we are guests. We work to leave all the spaces the way we found them or in better condition.

Your children are managing all this with grace and aplomb. It always amazes me how in such a short time, we are able to create such a caring and supportive community. It is a blessing to me to watch this unfold. Your children are amazing.


Colleen Laymon

SIG Vassar Director

Student Activities

A Note from the Student Life Dean

Dear Parents & Guardians,

SIG Vassar 2014 has officially begun! Students are quickly getting to know each other, their counselors and other staff. Please remember although they see you as their primary problem solvers, it is important to direct them to camp staff to help support their needs over the course of the next three weeks.

Although we are only a week in, our campers are already starting to enjoy the fun-filled schedule that we will be providing this session. Some things we have already participated in include banner night, counselor activity night and rec activity night. Some things your campers can look forward in the next week are casino night and a special college prep speaker for our senior campers.

Quick Reminders:

Student Talent Show is Sunday, July 20 7:30-10:00PM

Performance Night is Thursday July 24 7:30-9:30PM

Closing Ceremony is Friday July 25 4:45-5:45PM

Student Pick-Up is Saturday July 26 10:00AM-12:00PM

Notes from the Academic Dean

Learning through laughter? Absolutely! I have been in 14 different classes this week and left most of them laughing, students and teachers in class and me as I was leaving. Learning happens best when we are receptive and eager. For this week’s report, let me share some of the best:

As students were verifying their memories of historical dates, one asked, “When was George Washington a kid? Like in the 1970’s?” Oh my!

One teacher ventured down the Path of Rhetoric and asked the students why teachers repeat things in classes. One student very seriously suggested that they don’t know anything else to say; another supposed that the teacher only knows a few things about the subject. Mercifully, another thought that the repeat happened because the information is important!

This last scenario probably spoke only to me; a student was re-purposing a clay figure, and as she carefully took the eyes and nose off, she whispered quietly, “Sorry.” I smiled through my tears.

"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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