Saturated Fatty Acids

By Brittani Chaffin

Molecular Structure:

  • Carry highest possible number of hydrogen atoms, so no double bonds can be formed with carbon
  • When 3 are combined with a glycerol, a triglyceride is formed

Where do we find it?

  • Animal fats
  • Some plant oils (coconut, palm, and vegetable oils)

Foods High in Saturated Fatty Acids:

  • High-fat cuts of meat
  • High-fat cheeses
  • Whole fat milk and cream
  • Ice cream
  • Palm and coconut oils

Recommendations for Intake?

  • Less than 10% of daily calories
  • American Heart Association suggests about 5-6% of daily calories

What effect does it have on our health?

  • Causes an increase in blood cholesterol
  • Blood clotting that can lead to future heart attacks