By Jack Wells, Tylar Obrien, Caleb Wachal and Riley biggs

The Palestine Liberation Organization

Who and What for was the PLO created

The PLO was a terrorist organization formed in 1964 in Lebanon. It was formed by Palestinian refugees and planned to retake Palestine from Israel. Their leader was Yassir Alafat during the height of their terrorism. Their largest act occurred when the PLO helped the PLF hijack a cruise ship and hold the people hostage. Throughout the 1980s Alafat and Israel had many peace talks which angered many in the PLO. Eventually Alafat said the PLO no longer would engage in terrorist acts and real peace talks began. After the PLO was dismantled many members joined other terrorists groups against Israel such as HAMAS.

The Palestinian National Authority

The PNA was formed in 1994 by the Oslo Accords, after the PLO. It was made to administer parts of the West Bank and most of the Gaza Strip.

Politics of the PNA

The government is a semi-presidential multi-party republic. It has a legislative council, a prime minister, and a president leading the cabinet. The president is elected, and their are 132 council members. The prime minister runs the government and reports to the president. The PNA controls policy on education, social welfare, health, taxation, tourism and culture.

Hamas-Fatah Conflict

January 25th, 2006, Hamas is victorious in elections and Ismail Haniyeh is elected prime minister. Once Hamas led government is formed, U.S., Israel, Canada, and the European Union freezes assets to the new Palestinian Government that is viewed as a terrorist organization. To solve the financial crisis, the Hamas government and Fatah government join in a unity government. Then, the government resigns and a new Fayad government forms on June 15, 2007, after the takeover of the Gazas by Hamas. This new government claims to control all of the land of Palestine.