Taliah Banks

Angela Tucker

works for a school bus company .To drive a school bus you have to have patience and be good with time management . She became a school bus drive because it feel like shes doing something to help. she believes we create ourselves because event tho see didnt got to college she still found a job that she loves and she stuck with it.


Has lived in Kansas City for three years . Went to school at Schlagle high school .He believes we create and discover ourselves .Why? Cause you can create yourself so that u can discover yourself

Mr Bowen

Thinks we create and discover are selfs . Why because people have different perspective California baptist has a degree in education and speech art liebral arts happy


I believe we create and discover ourselves like Isaiah and Mr. Bowen said . why? like they said when you create yourself you basically find yourself because creating your self is like you made the person u wanna be so you discovered how you wanna be .i feel like creating and discovering yourself is kinda the same thing. But it you choice. Do you create or discover yourself