September Newsletter

Platteville Middle School

Thank you's

Thank you students and parents:

What an unbelievable start to the school year. We have rolled out PBIS and our expectations for students in all settings of the school and students have responded wonderfully. In the upcoming weeks, I will thank the students for their efforts and parents, I want to thank you for your support.

I also have to thank my dedicated staff. The 10 to 12 hour days many of you put in last week has definitely set the stage to have a great year.


Jason Julius

Principal, Platteville Middle School

Mrs. Steckling with Henry Hillmen

Jessica Steckling, our MS Art teacher, spent some time with Henry this summer. She painted this sign across from the office and one displayed in the Commons. The box was made by Bill Wagner and will hold the "Caught Being a Hillmen" tickets.

Thanks Jessica and Bill!

Homecoming Parade

Friday, Sep. 18th, 2pm

West Main Street

Platteville, WI

September 14th-18th is Platteville High School Homecoming. There will be school spirit activities throughout the week and the parade on Friday. Go Hillmen!

Marching Band Season has begun!

Parade dates

Saturday, September 12 Dairy Days Parade Platteville, WI

  • Color guard report at 8:30 A.M. to get hair ready. Band members report to University parking lot on Hickory St. in uniform with instruments (no cases) at 8:45 A.M. Parade starts at 9:30 A.M.
  • Drum Majors report to Legion Park after parade for awards and salute. Return band uniforms to Middle School on Mon. Sept. 14. 25-point uniform check on Monday, Sept. 15.

Friday, September 18 P.H.S. Homecoming Parade Platteville, WI

Saturday, October 3 Harvest Parade Lancaster, WI

  • Report to the Middle School at 9:00 A.M. Change into uniforms and load truck and buses. Leave Platteville at 9:30 a.m. Parade starts at 11:00 A.M. Return to Platteville about 2:00 P.M.

Saturday, October 10 UW-Platteville Homecoming Parade Platteville , WI

  • Band members report to University parking lot on Hickory St. in uniform with instruments (no cases) at 8:45 A.M. Parade starts at 9:30 A.M. 25-point uniform check on Monday. Oct 13.

Middle School Volleyball Schedule

Thursday, Sept. 17 Lancaster @Platteville

Tuesday, Sept. 22 - Dismiss 2:50 Platteville @ Darlington

Thursday, Sept. 24 - Dismiss 2:50 Platteville @ Dodgeville

Tuesday, Sept.29 Iowa Grant @ Platteville

Tuesday, Oct. 6 - Dismiss 3:00 Platteville @ Mineral Point

Thursday, Oct. 8 – Dismiss 3:10 Platteville @ Lancaster

Tuesday, Oct. 13 Darlington @ Platteville

Thursday, Oct. 15 Dodgeville @ Platteville

All Volleyball Matches Begin at 4:00 p.m.

7th Grade Coach: Jay Gesin

8th Grade Coach: Jeff Henderson

Platteville Middle School Wellness Policy

Snack Policy

Over the past few years our school district has seen a very significant increase in the number of students who have food allergies and other dietary restrictions. Therefore, the Platteville Wellness Committee would appreciate your adherence to the following snack policy.

Only healthy snacks will be allowed in our district classrooms. This policy is for (1) students bringing snacks into the classroom and (2) teachers providing classroom snacks on special occasions. Healthy snacks would include fruits, veggies, whole grains, and proteins. All classrooms will be “NUT FREE Classrooms”.

SMART FOODS. In addition to our concern with food allergies, it is important to recognize that food impacts how well a child’s brain works, affecting both their moods and abilities… In a child’s brain junk food can cause neurotransmitters, which pass along information, to function improperly. Smart Foods, however, allow information to be processed correctly and help the child function at their optimal level. - Dr. William Sears

Smart Food is…

  • Snacks that are 100% whole grain

  • Snacks made with no (or very little) refined sweeteners like white sugar or corn syrup

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, seeds, dried fruit

  • Protein foods such as string cheese or beef jerky

  • Water or Milk

Snack Restrictions in the Classroom:

No Nuts or Nut Products of any kind will be allowed in any classroom. No dessert or sugary snacks should be consumed in the classroom. (cookies, cupcakes, candy, donuts etc.) Teachers should provide healthy snacks/smart food for rewards or classroom celebrations.

No soda or energy drinks should be consumed by students in the classrooms.

Please avoid having gluten foods or other allergenic foods if there are students in your classroom/hallway area who may be at risk.

Thank you for your support in keeping our students safe and encouraging healthy choices!!

Birthdays - A New Celebration

We know that birthdays are important to every child and that kids like to celebrate with their teacher and classmates. However, sending in a food treat to the classroom to celebrate can exclude and sometimes endanger those children who have food allergies, diabetes or other dietary restrictions. According to the Centers for Disease Control (2011) allergies have increased more than 20% among American children since the mid 1990’s. This health risk has increased dramatically in our own district and we no longer allow students/parents to bring in birthday food/drink treats to share in the classroom, but we will continue to celebrate your child’s birthday in other ways.

Here is a list of alternative ideas for your child to celebrate their birthday in the classroom. Please check with your child’s teacher first so they can plan accordingly.

  • Request an extra birthday recess on your child’s special day.

  • Have your student bring a wrapped present to donate to the classroom.

  • Send a party favor/small toy (matchbox car, pencil, notepads, coloring page, books, etc.)

  • Have a parent/grandparent come in and read a book to the class.

  • Bring or send in something that all classmates can sign (t-shirt, poster, etc.)

  • Bring in craft supplies and help the teacher guide the students in making a small craft that takes only 10-15 minutes.

  • Send in a show and share poster/props your child can share.

  • Suggest a community service project in honor of your son/daughter’s birthday. (i.e. clean up the playground, plant a shrub).

  • Other non-food ideas? Please share with us.

Thank you for your understanding as we look forward to many new birthday celebrations!!

Maureen Vorwald,

Platteville School District Wellness Coordinator

Green and Gold Experience!

The Platteville PTO and The Green and Gold Experience are back for our fundraiser this year! The sale will start September 21st and run until Oct. 6th. In addition to the Giant Inflatable games you can earn by selling one item or more, you can also win trips to Knuckleheads or the Kalahari in Wisconsin Dells, Your choice of Jersey’s in the NFL, MLB, NBA or NHL, Cash, remote control helicopters, and much, much more (check out the prizes by going to YouTube and searching for “The Goal Midwest 2015”). Thank you for supporting the PTO and the 4k-8 students of the Platteville schools district!