All About Me

Michael Spurlock

All About Me

I am 14 and play football. I play video games in my free time but if I could I would shoot guns or ride four-wheelers maybe both at the same time. when I get angry I am like I nuke, all at once. The kind of games I play are fast action and war games like world of tanks, battlefield series, most war games. I also build things like tracks out of wood and things.


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I have a mix between positive and negative thinking. My results where what I expected because I already knew the way I think and. I don't think that they should of been higher because I feel that they are spot on with the numbers. What my results mean is that I have moments when I think negative of others and sometimes myself. What I will do in the future is try and take a beep breath and try and see the good of the situation.

Career Aptitide

I agree with the nuclear engineer and that is something that I am interested in doing in the future if I don't go in and be a air-force engineer. I don't want to be anything in the list of jobs that the website gave me. The reason that I don't agree with the others is because none of those things involve things that I like doing right now. The kind of jobs that I like are ones that involve building or dangerous things. The reason for that is because it makes it interesting to be at and not stuck at a desk all the time typing on a computer. So that is the job and kind of jobs I want after collage and even during school.

Lerning style test

On my learning style test, my highest shill is tactile at 50%. My others where at 25% and those where Visual and Auditory. So that is why I do better with hands on things like robotics, science, working on things, ect. when I just lesson it takes longer for me learn it but that is on certain things. Visual I can under stand better than lessoning because I actually see what I need to do but if it involves several steps then I will get lost. and that I do better doing what ever I am needed to do than seeing or lessoning to what I need to do.
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My personality is ENFP (Extravert, Intuition, Feeling, Perception). Extravert means out going and wiling to do anything. Intuition mean the ability to learn something immediately with out conscious explain. Feeling means the ability to feel love, pain, happiness, ect. Perception means the ability to become aware of something threw the senses. This is the personality I have, most people don't see the Feeling or Intuition Side of me because I try to keep it under control.

domanite side of my brain

The dominate side of my brain is mostly my left but some of my right. the results are what I expected and some I didn't. The results say that use my right and left hand for several things. the results say that I use my right hand and arm for most things and I use my left for others.
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personality color

my personality color is black. I do agree with this color because I represents me more. Black represents power, simplicity and that I go to great lengths to cover up my insecurities. Having this color means that people that you are not the kind to take orders, you give them. To have this personality you haft to be stubborn, hard headed, and you also haft to have self discipline.
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