Descriptive Writing

By Marley


Pain is white and black.

It tastes like blood.

It smells like burning rubber.

And it reminds me of a twisted and broken heart.

It sounds like crying.

Pain makes me want to scream.


Death is black and grey.

It tastes like rocks.

It smells like rotting food.

And it reminds me of my character

It sounds like high pitch, blood curdling, ear splitting, mind wrecking screeching.

Death makes me want to curl up in a ball and cry.


Passion is warm purple.

It takes like citrus fruit.

It smells like bakery air.

It reminds me of the calm waves of the water.

It sounds like fire crackling.

Passion makes me want to implode.


Pride is pink and bubbly.

It takes like watermelon.

It smells like fresh apples.

It reminds me of winning an award.

It sounds like fireworks.

Pride makes realize that it ruins friendship.


I am not Batman, but Batman is my favorite. This is my emotion poems, I hope you enjoyed them.


Poem For Two Voices (M&C {Wolves})

1. Wolves

2. Wolves

1. Majestic

2. Beautiful

1. Fast

2. Smart

1. Wild Wild

2. Alpha

1. Omega

2. Wolves Wolves

1. Pack

2. Pups

1. Prey

2. Obea

1. Wolves

2. Wolves

Poem For Two Voices (M&C {Wolves})