Odell Friday News

December 4, 2015

December Blues

It is that time of year again. Students are excited to celebrate the holidays, cold and wet weather forces us to do indoor recess, colds and illness can create unexpected absences for students and adults, and teachers and staff are stressed about their own family obligations and activities.

How can I avoid getting the BLUES this time of year?

Be PROACTIVE and INTENTIONAL in your planning these next few weeks. Keep the academic rigor going right up until the holiday break. Create engaging, hands-on/minds-on lessons to keep everyone working hard to achieve their academic, behavioral, and social goals. When there is too much down time, there will be an increase in undesirable behaviors. This can add stress to everyone's day.

Remind students about healthy practices like hand-washing and using tissues. Take care of yourself too! Take time to enjoy your family and friends this holiday season. A perfect chance for this is on Tuesday, December 15th at The Comedy Zone!

Student Error Analysis

Check out this link on providing feedback and encouraging students to analyze their mistakes:


Looking Forward:

Staff Professional Development: Tuesday, December 8th

Progress Monitoring DATA DIG:

In next week's PLC meetings, grade levels will be analyzing PM data. Be prepared with your graphs PRINTED. There will be 2 data dig sessions to get ready for Dragon Time when we get back from Winter Break. Look for a detailed email to plan ahead for our DATA DIGS.

Discovery Education Benchmark Results

All of our grade levels did a great job on the 2nd round of benchmark testing.

Third Grade Math- 2nd in the district :)

Fifth Grade Math- 2nd in the district :)

Keep up that amazing work!