Elizabeth I

Elizabeth Becoming Queen

Leaders Before Elizabeth, Elizabeth's Childhood

-There wasn’t much women leaders before Elizabeth but only 1 because they believed men were more dominant.

- Elizabeth was born 1533 and died in 1603 she lived for 70 years.

- Her mother was Anne Boleyn.

- As a child Elizabeth was sexually abused by her step father.

-When Elizabeth became queen the English people didn’t know if she would be able to rule.

- As Elizabeth got older the English people wanted to overthrow her.

- During Elizabeth’s reign england became very powerful

Facts About Elizabeth

-Elizabeth was called the Virgin Queen.

Why? Because Elizabeth refused to marry.

- Elizabeth says she was married to England.

- Another reason would be because Elizabeth is afraid of losing authority and or power of England. Meaning if she married then part of England will be her husbands.


During Elizabeth's Reign

- " I know I have the body of a weak and feeble woman, but I have the heart and stomach of a king, and of a king of England too.” Elizabeth stated that meaning yes she is women and is more known for being weak because she is women but she can be as good as king.


Why Elizabeth is Important

- English began to become a world power under Elizabeth

-Under Elizabeth the Anglican Church was strengthened into a formal church.

-Under Elizabeth the British Isles were United for the First time as a nation.

-Under Elizabeth the Renaissance came to Britain

-Under Elizabeth the idea that a woman could lead a nation was solidified. up to that time Salic Law had ruled in Europe, Read the First act of Henry V by Shakespeare for what Salic Law is, England succession falls the Eldest as Celtic Custom.


Who?, What?, When?, Where?, Why? and How?

Who is it? Elizabeth, What did Elizabeth do that was important? Well Queen Elizabeth impacted England in various ways; politically and through establishing the protestant religion in her country. When did she do this? Well during her Reign in 1558. Where? England she helped England become powerful. Why? I think as a leader you should do something to be remembered it's something to look back on in history something that was important to everyone not just her, Elizabeth wanted to prove that not just men can be leaders women can change the world too. How? Well Elizabeth had made many buildings for England of course she didn't build it, but without her power the buildings wouldn't even be there even if she did hire. Elizabeth was super powerful I don't believe Elizabeth ever used her power for bad all the power she had was used for England and that helped England become a better and powerful place. #WORLDCHANGINGWOMAN