Field Trip

Volunteer Needed!

Volunteer Needed

Dear Parents,

On Friday May 13th we are walking to Dunn Meadow and the Lilly Library for our last field trip. Children need to bring their lunch, water and sunscreen. They may also bring any small toy, such as jump rope, book or small ball with them. It must fit in their backpack and they must be able to carry it independently.

We have two choices:

1. ** Children walk carrying their backpacks.

2. **Some kind soul volunteers to pick up our backpacks at Rogers and drive them to Dunn Meadow to meet us there at about 9:30 and collects our backpacks at 12:30 to return them to school.

If someone is able to drive our sag wagon, we can also bring playground supplies from P.E.

Any willing volunteers available? :) If you are able to drive our stuff, please email me!

If you are walking with us:

* Meet us in our classroom about 8:40.

* We will leave school about 8:45 and arrive at Dunn Meadow about 9:30. We will stop in the School of Education Building for a bathroom and drink break.

* We will have the morning to play and explore in Dunn Meadow. We will eat lunch in Dunn Meadow sometime about 11:30ish

* We will take turns with the other first grade classes walking up to the Lilly for our tour.

* At the end of the last tour, the first grade outside and return to school. We should arrive back at school about 2:00 or 2:30 depending on the last tour time.


Laura B

Dunn Meadow Lilly Library

Friday, May 13th, 8:30am-2:30pm

North Indiana Avenue

Bloomington, IN