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What does this mean?

Candidates examine current educational issues from multiple perspectives. They are encouraged to locate their personal experiences within the educational landscape to begin to develop a critical professional voice. Through assigned readings, course activities, and required field observations, candidates explore the dynamic relationship of teaching and learning in contemporary classrooms (Rodgers, 2015).

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Rodgers, K. L. (2015). Spring 2015 course expectations. In (p. 1). doi:EDSEC150 Spring 2015 Course Expectations.docx

The Importance

Staying engaged as a student is a difficult task, especially when you have several classes throughout your day. Candidates must realize that they are not just students who have to engage; they are now teachers who must stay engaged and be able to keep their students engaged. The following video gives some tips in helping your students stay engaged, but these tips can also be applied to candidates.
7 ways to Increase Student Engagement in the Classroom