1 Revolution Q.D. = Revolutionary

Wednesday Wellness | March 11, 2015

In This WW:

Focus on 1 revolution per day to revolutionize your life.

Part 2 (Part 1 Attached):

  1. Daily Trade-Ins
  2. What Are We Really Feeding? Your "Swapportunities"
  3. The 70/30 Rule for Maximized Metabolism
  4. 10 Ways To End Your Plateau
  5. Wednesday's Last Word

Part 3 Next Week:

  1. Conceptualize Contentment
  2. Worksite Wellness Attitude
  3. Happiness & Health Go Hand in Hand

Daily Trade-Ins

How are you doing on your trade-ins? Have you practiced swapping a healthy snacks for your trigger foods? Did you write out trade-ins and put them on your frig? How about the 70-30 rule?

As Socrates challenged us 2,400 years ago, “Know Thyself”. Educate yourself on your behavior patterns of eating and drinking, then make the trade-ins! The goal is not to simply abstain, but substitute. This way you are adding healthier habits while simultaneously unwinding the strongholds of others.

1. Stop mindless snacking

2. Identify your trigger foods and drinks (the ones that are sabotaging your goals)

3. Find the trade-in

4. Eat and drink cleaner consciously

5. Establish fresh life patterns

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What Are We Really Feeding?

Two quick questions:

1. What are you feeding?

2. Why are you feeding it?

And you guessed it, those are in deed trick questions. Not just feeding your body, but more importantly what are you feeding your mind? What are you feeding into your life habits?

Are you picking up what I’m laying down?

Eating to live verses living to eat is not only about food and nutrition intake. It’s also about any type of life ingestion. What you get going gets going. The balance is untangling the negative while simultaneously solidifying healthy habits.

We all have created reciprocal processes called habits. Have you thought about your mental habits? Or emotional habits? If how you think becomes who you are and translates into how you live, then it’s important to feed your brain healthy ingredients. And if your mind is a mentor to your emotions, keep using your brain power to increase your will power! In terms of mastering your emotions, put faith over feelings every time. My encouragement is to create your training plan for all of you, not just your midsection- consider mind, body and soul.

What does comfort food really comfort? Temporary pleasure verses long term effects. Increase your conviction that it’s just not worth it! See the aftereffects before the first bite or step. Visualize you on that beach, in the wedding, in the middle of that race! Keep your picture-goal on the forefront of your mind.

Add these two to your training programs: New visualizations and trade-ins.

Here are some “swapportunities”, or trade-ins to help firm up life habits not just your buttocks:

  • Your coffee break for a quote break (before 9am pick your daily quote)
  • Your breads and pastas for whole grain ingredients (or cut low on starchy carbs and up your high fiber carbs- such as vegetables)
  • Your chips and dip for cucumber slices and hummus
  • Your sugary coffee for herbal tea
  • Your nightly beers for a protein drink

o If you feel you are drinking too much, try this- set a weekly goal of working out more days then you drink. Or you can allow yourself two drinks on Wed and Saturday only. Parameters are healthy.

  • Your nightly show or movie for an extra 30-60 minutes of sleep
  • Your out to eat budget for family outdoor activities
  • Your trigger food for a 10 minute walk

o Whenever you get the craving, immediately grab some water and a piece of gum, and walk for 10 minutes. Creating new associations is the goal. If you can distract yourself for 10 minutes the craving will usually go away. And you get your energy up and muscles worked.

  • Emotional eating for internal cleansing
  • Also- have you scheduled your check up? You know, that one you have been putting off…

I dare you to: Write out your own swaps & trade-ins and put them on your frig! Go for your top 5 and see if you can last until next Wednesday.

Try to remember the 70 – 30 rule. This means that you are never stuffed and you are never starving. 100% is all you can eat stuffed, wheel me out of this feeding troth buffet. 0% is that you haven’t eaten all day and you could eat a horse. If you stay between 70% and 30% full, your metabolism is at its highest peak performance and burning fat for fuel.

(Stuffed) 100%-----------------70%---------------------------30%-------------------0% (Starving)

Wednesday's Last Word

"Don`t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."

~Howard Thurman

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