Keep The Blind In Mind

About Blindness

Brief Information:

- Do you know that there are 285 million people in the world with visual impairment?

- Do you know that blindness is as autism, epilepsy, and diabetes a disability or a cause to be supported.

Time To Do !

Major Misconceptions:

-Most people think that all blind people live in total darkness.

-Most people think that the people who are blind perform only limited type of work.


- Actually blindness ranges from legal blindness with 20/200 acuity or severely restricted fields to total blindness, with many varying degrees in between.

- Blind people have been successfully employed in many occupations:

  • Account clerk
  • Travel agent
  • Attorney
  • Customer service representative
  • Electrical engineer
  • Stock broker
  • Teacher

Join us to raise awareness about the blind people in our Marathon

Sunday, June 1st, 7am

Beirut, Lebanon

Beirut, Beirut