Pakistan In Words

BY Makyah Jackson

Country Basics

My country is Pakistan the capital is Islambad and Pakistan's flag was made four days before freedom


Pakistan's border meets with Iran. Some major landmarks are Bhong Mosque, National monument, Ranikot fort, Wah Gardens. Some landforms are the Himalayas, Balochistan plateau, the Makrah, mangrove forest. Some waterways are Arabian sea, Indian ocean, Indus river, Tibetan Himalayas. The climate change and environmental stresses affects Pakistan greatly


Pakistan has a federal government and the leader is Manoon Hussian the leaders are chosen by voting in an election. Responsibilities are understand the importance of taxes, proper education, fair system for elections.


Pakistan is a poor economy but a rich country. Pakistan mostly uses U.S. dollars. Pakistan's main export is wastepaper and import is furniture.

Life expectancy 67.39 years

Birth rate 22.58 births

Literacy rate 57.9%

Water source a river


People in Pakistan wear Punjab people speak Urdu and English. 98% of people in Pakistan are Islam/Muslims. You have to pray 5 times a day and on the holy day for six hours you can't eat, drink, smoke or chew gum. A very popular food in Pakistan is Dhal (lentil stew). In Pakistan the weather is always warm/hot (70's-104) the average is 89 and 8.8 inches of rain yearly


In 1906 Muslim region indorses the idea for Muslim separatism. In January 2016 Islamist extremists attack Bacha Khan university in Charsadden in North West Pakistan killing 19 and injuring 17 people

Compare & Contrast

A lot food in Pakistan would be considered vegan or vegetarian to us Americans mostly vegetables and rice. Most of Pakistan speaks English with an accent and a stutter .



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