Boston Gazette

The War Is Won!

The Americans Victory

The Americans won the war against Great Britain in a blood battle. No one in our Colonies know how we won but we pulled it off against the biggest military army in the world. George Washington and our army pulled it off with limited weapons, starving men and limited clothing. But how did they do it?

When the troops left for battle they had barely any weapons to defeat their enemy. The had hardly any good shoes to walk in the hard ground and cold snow, their shoes were made of cowhide and didn't last very long. The Redcoats could track them with their blood in the snow, they called this The Winter of Bloody Snow. 11,000 men camped in Valley Forge, 2,500 were ill fed, and poorly clothed troops died early on. Even though men missed their families but they knew that they were going to fight on and win this war for them. Thomas Paine wrote the "Crisis" and that could have been a reason they won as well.? We also had the French help us and we had even more people helping us fight.

Even though they had advanced weaponry Americans still had home advantages. They knew where the best places to hide were and where they had the advantage of sneaking up on them and tiring them out so the could kill them easier. They had no age limit so there were men to a young age and men to an old age serving their country well. Another advantage they had on them was that the British army had on Red Coats hence their name "Redcoats" and while wearing these they were able to spot out the enemy easier.

Commander George Washington had no plan on giving up this war after they came this far and was willing to go all the way for his men. His reputation was a brave fight and wouldn't let them defeat them. 4,435 men died, 6,354 men wounded and 20,000 men diseased or died of starvation. The diseases they could have caught were Smallpox, Influenza, Cholera. The food was free and they didn't have to pay for it. They carried a mug, cartage box, powder horn, and a canteen. They food they could have eaten was sugar, vinegar, butter, peas, and beer.

As a reward you wold receive 100 acres of land as a reward for fighting. You had to serve 3 years in the army. As there guns the had flintlock muskets. Ours army's were cold and thirsty while moving place to place.

King George had a chance to win but we took charge and won this war. He wasn't a good ruler and had everything as possible they could need to win it. They practiced marching everyday all day long in a straight line.

We won it because we cared and we wanted it bad and we took charge of them and we Won!!