Computer Programmers

By Erin


Computer programmers design programs for computers to preform a variety of tasks. Michigan Tech University is the perfect place to earn a degree in computer science. In computer science, the students study hardware & software. With this degree you can work as an entry-level programmer or a network administer. A 2.75 GPA is recommended.

25 students is the average class size at MTU. The student to staff ratio is 15 to 1. It's mascot is a wolf.

About the Job

Computer programmers write instructions for computers to perform a variety of tasks. It is the programmers job to identify all of the steps to produce the desired results.

I think it's a common job because there are a lot of schools that offer computer science as a degree. I guess it's easy to find employers looking for programmers of any kind. And also with the jobs listing there was a lot of employers.

They earn $61,750 for the national average. Could not find the Wisconsin average.