Lost Cosmonauts

(Conspiracy Theory, Reid Bardsley)

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The Theory

"Lost Cosmonauts", (also known as "Phantom Cosmonauts"), is the theory that during the Space Race the Soviet Union secretly performed flights into space using humans and that the first human into space wasn't Yuri Gagarin. Instead Yuri Gagarin was the first human to successfully survive a space flight and his flight was only published due to his success.

It is unknown truly how many human cosmonauts were launched into space before Yuri Gagrin or if any were at all.

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Pro-Conspiracy Arguments

# 1 Pro

The Judica-Cordiglia brothers were Italian amateur radio operators that recorded space communication from both the U.S.S.R and the U.S. They recorded what sounded like a female cosmonaut complaining about the increasing temperature of her surroundings and that she might crash just before cutting out with a final scream.

# 2 Pro

Robert Heinlein wrote in an article called "Pravda" (means "Truth") that on May 15, 1960, while traveling in Vilnius he was told by Red Army cadets that the Soviet Union had launched a man into space that day.

# 3 Pro

1962,Colonel Pyotr Dolgov. Dolgov parachuted from a balloon at almost 94,000 feet but didn’t survive; he hit the visor of his helmet while jumping from the balloon gondola and his suit depressurized, killing him. He was apart of an unknown launch.

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Anti-Conspiracy Arguments

# 1 Anti

There is no physical evidence of pods, ships, or any kind of space equipment from the unreported launches.

# 2 Anti

James Oberg, a space historian, wrote a book based on his investigations into all of these stories of lost cosmonauts. His conclusions were that there was insufficient evidence available to prove any of the lost cosmonauts having ever taken space flights.

# 3 Anti

During the times of the Morse code and the lost cosmonautst's alleged breathing and heartbeat sounds, the Soviets were still launching dogs and mannequins. A few days after the Morse code recording, Sputnik 6 carrying two dogs was deliberately self-destructed upon a failed re-entry.


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