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Some times you will get there too late.

I wish every one could be saved but some time you will get there to late it comes with the job you jump into a fair to save others you.

Typical Working Conditions

  • Wearing common protective or safety equipment such as safety shoes, glasses, gloves, hearing protection, hard hats, or life jackets.
  • Working in a closed vehicle or equipment.
  • Having face-to-face discussions.
  • Working with a group or team.
  • Exposure to sounds or noise levels that are distracting or uncomfortable.
  • Responsibility for others' health and safety.
  • Freedom to make decisions without supervision.
  • Exposure to hazardous equipment.
  • The freedom to determine tasks, priorities, and goals.

                  Typical Work Tasks

                  People who work in this career often:

                    • Administer first aid.
                    • Rescue people from hazardous situations.
                    • Respond to emergencies to provide assistance.
                    • Drive vehicles to transport individuals or equipment.
                    • Operate firefighting equipment.
                    • Participate in physical training to maintain fitness.
                    • Protect property from fire or water damage.
                    • Inspect equipment to ensure safety or proper functioning.
                    • Inspect facilities to ensure compliance with fire regulations.
                    • Block physical access to restricted areas

                                      Work Experience and Training Requirements

                                      Nationally, this career typically requires:

                                      • College certificate for entry.
                                      • No related work experience for entry.
                                      • Long-term on-the-job training to become competen
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                                      Inside a burning house