Study Tips

How to ace those tests in only a few steps!


Begin by planning out what you need to study. You might want to take a piece of paper and write down certain things you need to study. It might also be helpful to use Sticky Notes to mark certain spots in your book.

Time Management

Make sure you are not cramming every thing the day before or a few hours before. This is not going to help you. Organizing yourself is the best way to help you study. You might want to take 15 minutes each night to review what you did that day. This will help you recall information, doing so will make it easier when you go and take the test.


If you are unsure about a certain topic, or don't quiet know how something works, you might want to do some more research. Khan Academy is a great tool to use when you need extra help. It helps sometimes if you observe someone else work a problem it might help you better understand.

Study Routine

Try different ways of studying. Make an outline once, then do flashcards, or go to . If one method works for you then continue using that method, if not try alternatives until you something that helps you.


The most important thing to do is to rest. If you only get a small amount of hours, then you will be tired and won't be awake the next day. This is bad for you, and you won't be able to remember anything you had studied. Get a lot of rest, it will help you out a lot!