The Maycomb Tribune

By: Viviana Lopez, Brenda Portillo, & Cristian Cervantes

House Fire

Maycomb experienced a devasting event involving Miss Maudie, a accident that caused a permanet damage. So i decided to investigate more details on the terrible event that event. The house fire was caused by a stove being left on. Luckily no one was hurt. Firefighters and neighbors helped putting out the fire.

Man Gets Stabbed

Resident Bob Ewell was found died with a knife stuck inside him. Scout witnesses the murder of Bob Ewell. So we decided to interview her.

"what did you see?"

Scout: "I didnt see much cause i tripped but i heard Jem struggling."

"What happened to Jem?"

Scout: "When i saw him again he was in Arthur Radleys arms. He was being carried safely to our house and thats all i remember."

Apparently Bob Ewell fell on his knife and killed himself.


A young boy ranaway from home because he felt that his parents didnt need him. He got on a train to a county close to Maycomb. When he was found under a young girls bed inside her house they soon contacted the boys aunt who was a nearby neighbor. He was not hurt and stayed with the Finches for a couple days.

Job Titles

Editor in Chief:

Layout Editor: Brenda Portillo

Copy Editor: Cristian Cervantes

Research Editor: Viviana Lopez

Editorial on Tom Robinsions Trial

In my opinion i personally think that in the trial Tom Robinson was trialed unfairly. The Ewells had no type of evidence towards Tom Robinson being found guilty. All evidence Atticus Finch stated that the Ewells lied. Tom Robinson was just a victim of the Ewells way of acting and protecting their reputation. Everyone in town knows you cant trust a Ewell based on their word.

The Trial

Resident Tom Robinson was accused of raping Mayella Ewell. He soon was arrested and he had his trial. There were two witnesses that say that they saw Tom do the crime. We went to witness the trial. The sheriff said Mayella was bruised and injuried on the left side of her body. After the sheriff testimony, Judge Taylor asked Bob Ewell to step on the stand and say his testimony. Bob Ewell said that he heard Mayella scream and ran quickly to the fence, when he got lose he ran to Mayella. He said he found his daughter laying there all beat up but saw Tom Robinson running out the house. When Bob Ewell was done Atticus Finch, Toms Lawyer asked Bob to write his name on a paper and it was discovered that Bob Ewell was left handed. After that judge called Mayella to the stand. Mayella stated that Tom Robinson raped her and beat her. She said that he started to try to take advantage of her and bruised her badly when all of a sudden her dad came in. The Judge called Tom Robinson to the stand. Atticus reminded Tom that he would say the whole truth. Tom said that he would be on his way from work and Mayella would always have something for him to do. Then one day she wanted him to fix her door, he agreed and went in. When he went in he notieced the children werent there, he asked her why the children werent home. She said she had saved up 7 nickles so they could go buy ice cream. He said that was very nice of her. He saw the door and it looked fine, so then she told him to reach on top of the shelf for her so he got on the chair. As he was reaching to get what she needed she wrapped her arms around his legs. When he got off the chair she started to hug and kiss him. As she was her dad saw her from the window and began to cuss at her, and when Tom got the chance he ran out. Atticus finch requested tom to stand when he did he said to catch a cup he threw at him, tom cauht After the testimony of Tom Robinson, Mr. gilmore asked tom why he would help mayella around the house. He said because he felt sorry for her. Mr. Gilmore said why would you feel sorry for a white women