Fear Is A Liar

Hold On Were Going Home

Just a regular day like everyday, except weekends, for me waking up and heading to school for what they call 'a education'. The day went by and finally my favorite part.. the end of the day when we all leave and Essence can go home ! But of course I, Essence, can not go one day without someone somehow making fun of me. Making the end of my day even worst I run to the bus lot, get on the bus, and wait for my stop. Finally making it to my stop, I run off the bus and run all the way home. Making it home I do my after school routine which is checking & feeding my baby, my dog, do chores, and then finally head to my room. There I blast my music and let out my feelings by singing, feeling the bass vibrate my walls bringing them to life plus my singing feeling in the spaces. I was on my 67th song in my playlist called Too Little Too Late by JoJo and let me tell you.. this song is harder than you think for a 7 year old ! So I'm in the climax of the song where it goes calm to frantic and as I'm about to exhale for this very high pitch part my door opens and there stands my father.. speechless !
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Overcoming It

From that experience when my dad walked in on me singing I am now not afraid to sing in front of people. I am now more open about it and share my very unique voice with everyone, even on social media. I even sing for my family on special occasions like birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and even for my English class . Overcoming this fear has pursued me to work more and more on my dream and make it come true !