The American Dream

Ignacio Piña & Adrian Guzman 4th Pd.

Why the 1920's?

To start off, this is the age where buisnesses started to boom, and grown in size/income(Hence the name, "Roaring 1920's"). As the industries increased, so did the jobs available, and the average American wage increased. Making it even more fun, to lousily spend a new found amount of money.

What is the American Dream? and Why Now?

The American Dream is the idea that with hard work, anyonr could become a someone in the "Land of Liberty". The idea came from early immigrants coming over in search for a fuller life, and a wealthier one. Since buisnesses were shockingly increasing, so did the wage of an average american. You can imagine how any "opportunity" came by

Money = Opportunity



: to change the natural, normal, or original shape, appearance, or sound of (something) in a way that is usually not attractive or pleasing

: to change (something) so that it is no longer true or accurate

Poem: Ronald W. Hull.


A small boy travels to a distant land,
knows not his custom, language and hand.

Knows not his value, faith, and face,
knows not his virtue, love, and place.

He's alien in this nation of rules and laws.
By virtue, a rebel without a cause.

Trapped in his place of walls without walls,
an alien by nature when his nature calls.

He seeks out others of similar fate,
he seeks them out before it's too late.

They convince him that their cause is just.
They convince him they alone he must trust.

In a nation without station a plan is hatched,
in an intricate pattern the flax is thatched.

One life for the cause with heaven at stake.
He is now in a trance and will not awake.

He's knock, knock, knockin' on Heaven's Gate.
Please, please stop him before it's too late!

Should have never reached this state:
ostracized, separated, alienated and berate.

When will we learn to confront our fears,
the alien in our nature that causes tears?