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We have much to continue to be grateful for.

Evidence of a thankful, positive staff. Makes me happy.

Book Fair is Coming!!!!!

Book Fair set up will be the afternoon of Dec. 4th

We will have book fair Dec. 7-11. It will close at noon on the 11th.

Evening sales will be library night Dec. 9th and hopefully a mini version on a cart on Dec. 8th during the Children's Museum Night.

Book Swap Fridays. (Before school and from 1 pm on as needed)

Remind your students about Book Swap. If they bring books from home that are in good condition, they can "swap" them for books from the book swap cart. Yes, these are for keeps! They can get new ones each week if they want to.

Grants awarded!!

I am happy to announce that my grants were awarded! One will cover our new tables and chairs. One will provide two more iPads, locking covers, another Kidsfit equipment piece, and stronger iPad holders. Finally, we will have the start of a makerspace! It will be housed where the professional books have been. This space will be great for project/problem based learning and promoting "engineering" thinking. it will include circuit activities, robotic activities, Lego building, arts and crafts, etc. The sky is the limit. I will send more info. out as I get the space ready.

Library Mornings 7:15-7:50

7:15-7:50. Students can come in and use the iPads for reading as well as working on Puzzles or checking out books. They must have an am library pass. Hallway monitors will pass these out and determine a rotation so there is equal access. They must be returned each day. If you find one in your classroom, please return ASAP.

I Love AM Library...

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